The tooth and other 'not new' things

It's all about updates today.

My wisdom tooth was so painful yesterday, I just didn't know what to do with myself. I went back to the dentist to chase up my hospital appointment. My dentist has 'left' ( I am assuming he was fired after my traumatic non event a few weeks back). And he didn't refer me to the hospital. However I forgive the dental surgery as they gave me an emergency appointment and the proper dentist did the deed. My tooth is gone, however still very painful and so not forgotten. Plus I feel sick, just to add to the fun.

I realized at 6am this morning that I was going nowhere today and I just worked via my blackberry. But that did mean I was at home as my men worked on the kitchen and sitting room. They had a sort and tidy so that we could move about and then it was all about stripping paper, removing cabinets and the cooker hood, cutting worktop, framing doors and other woodwork. It really was a hive of activity, as i watched from my sick bed (on the sofa). I will post photos tomorrow. We started talking about getting rid of furniture and everyone agreed there is too much. Things are going!

And this is my other happy thing today, this hexi wallet in progress is mine, all mine. And i am thinking tote back thoughts from next months pocket money. Isn't it beautiful?


  1. Aww..your poor tooth!! :( I hope you're feeling better soon! ((hugs)) Glad you're excited about your wallet...take a peek at today's post!! ;)


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