6 month budget

So much has changed since I set out the budget for the year in January. Ahdel was working and now is on SSP,so he has been decorating the place etc as can't pay housekeeping. Fahed lost his main job. I changed my car, so insurance for the kids became too expensive so now I have got do my own driving. Price of property insurance has doubled (I am searching for a new provider). Tumble dryer has broken so electricity bill should come down eventually. All these things impact on the budget.

Today I re-did the July to December budget.

I have to look around for a new provider for the property/contents insurance. But otherwise it doesn't look too bad. Fahed is still trying to make up for his missing hours but he has an extra session starting in September. He needs two more sessions of around three hours each to get us back on track. If he can get some daytime sessions as well it would be perfect. These are highly prized so not that easy to get but he has let it be known he is available.

Now i fell ready to take on the world for another six months at least.


  1. Glad to see you are getting along ok regardless of all the changes. I hope these changes lead to better things for you all eventually.

  2. I always say i can cope with change.Lets hope I am right!


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