I had a bit of a scare this week. I took some over the counter medication for an un-happy tummy that I was apparently allergic to. I took it in a drink, switched out the light and lay down in my bed. My inside of ears and mouth started itching. Then came the closing of the throat and tightening of the chest. Light back on, my face is red and blotchy, and arm have purple blobs. Not good, especially the throat closing. I rang the NHS helpline who went through my symptoms. Take anti histamines and if it gets any worse then dial 999. Nothing to worry about there then!

I tried to sleep despite the frightful 'death rattle' noise from my chest. It felt like an adult was sitting right there on top of me. Fahed sat on the edge of the bed all night to watch me, worrying that I wouldn't make it but I think that says more about how he thinks than how dangerous it actually was. Bless him.

The main blotching went rally quickly and now I can just feel my throat is still swollen but otherwise back to normal.

I will certainly do my best to avoid that another time!


  1. What a scare! I'm so glad the ill effects went away quickly. Take care Lizzie!

  2. It was. |I was trying very hard to be cool but not very successful!

  3. What was it? Do you have that reaction to other things too? How scary.

  4. The actual meds were called laxido orange but I dont know the particlar compound. I have never had an allergic reaction to anything before except a bit of mild hayfever. Off to the doctor tomorrow for a check up as my chest is really bothering me :(

  5. Oh Lizzie!!! :( ((Hugs)) I'm so glad you're ok! It is terrifying isn't it!? God was watching over you that night!!

  6. that does not sound at all good. did you have any antihistamines? good to have around I say. x hope you are feeling better now

  7. Hope you are feeling much better now Lizzie
    Do tell us what the doc. said


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