Still my birthday!

Last night we had the meal & drinks organised by a couple of other ladies at my work. Three of us turn fifty within two weeks, so they booked some tables at the local Frankie & Benny. The sent an invite to all of my team at the local office and nearly everyone came. It was great. Fifty is the new forty (so the other oldies kept telling me)so with this in mind we went off to the pub afterwards & were immersed in the testosterone of the England game. It was amazing atmosphere. I have never been in a large group (of football mad blokes who had drunk quite a bit of beer) during an international match before. Another first for to 'five oh' club.

Sixty is still sounding pretty old but I guess it will get younger as I get closer. Oh and just to prove I was still at the top of my game despite the wine, I printed off a voucher which saved us £68! I think the non finance people will want to dine with my team again now they know how canny we are with pricing.