Getting back to normal

Thank you all for the lovely comments, mails etc. i did give myself a bit of a fright. The doctor prescribed me some ventolin and signed me off work for a week. I had this horrid pain in my chest when i tried to breath in properly. Also totally exhausted all the time, which I guess is connected with not getting enough breath. This morning I woke up and the pain had gone. I suddenly feel so much better. The doctor says that the meds I took were 'fairly inert'so it was probably just a reaction to flavouring or sweetener. I find the whole thing quite amazing. However today I feel a little better so I am not such a scaredy cat about it today! I am signed off until Tuesday so hopefully all back to normal by then.

Fahed is off to Jordan on Thursday for his nieces wedding. Really glad it didnt happen when he was away. Also really glad that it tasted awful so I only had a mouthful. Funny how these things work out.

I have watched a lot of daytime TV this week as I have been too tired to do anything. ore episodes of Homes under the Hammer & A Place in the Sun, than you can imagine. Seeing the makeovers just makes me want to leave my lovely comfy sofa and do some more work around here. I might try to actually do that tomorrow. My black tiles in the kitchen need a good 'wire wool' type scrub since the men have been working on the room. There is paint, glue and all sorts stuck on them. I can maybe have a go at that tomorrow. otherwise i might just have a bit more of a sort out in my office and make it into a more sensible working space instead of a dumping ground. It is way too easy to just stick things in there to be finished later.

I feel better now knowing I have a couple of reasonable easy things I can have a go at. Nice to be feeling a bit normal.


  1. What a scare you had Liz? Glad to hear that you are on the mend now.

  2. I'm pleased to hear that you are feeling better, Lizzie - take care! x

  3. Thank you both, I wont be so blase about how healthy I am in future, that's for sure.

  4. You certainly must be feeling better if you want to get up and scrub tile.

  5. Haa Ha, I didnt do it though, Still waiting!


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