Last day at home

I started writing a post on Monday about going back to work and on Tuesday I trooted off to my office. three hours later I was home again having tried my best to faint at my bosses feet. Oh dear.

Tomorrow I will try again which will give me all weekend to recover from the exertion ahead of a, hopefully, normal week next week.

Fahed has now go on off to visit his family for almost three weeks. I am sure he was have a great time. I have pre warned him that I am making a lot of changes about the house (low level aspergers - better if he knows up front and also if i label everything)so now I am just hoping for energy levels to match my enthusiasm. I believe I am getting on the second stage of de-cluttering. Things that I like but don't like enough are now going into the bags and boxes. It is surprisingly rewarding. I like my house better all the time.

To keep the momentum going I am thinking of having a 'list' evening and just work through each room one by one with a list of what needs doing and what can go. I am also planning to set up Fahed's timetable and my organisation diary (which bin, what meal etc) in goggle calendars. Or alternatively I must just curl up on the sofa and go to sleep!


  1. I would pick a nap. This heat just kills my motivation, as least that is what I like to blame. Sounds like you are getting a lot done though despite your health. How about a little bit of work and a little bit of nap?


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