Yummy Recycling

Yesterday I decided to eek out meat supplies a little longer this month by turning a packet of sausages into a pasta and meat ball dish. Enough to fill everyone up and maybe last two days.

I boiled up the pasta then drained it and set aside. I chopped up the sausages and fried them off until browned in the wok with a little salt, plenty of pepper and some margarine. I tipped in the pasta tot he wok, added a quarter tub of cream which was frozen on the edge of going off and voila. Sadly it managed to be both bland and too rich. Sigh. Everyone ate a bowl for their tea but I wasn't knocked off my feet with enthusiasm. I didn't even take a bowl of it into work today for lunch. There was loads left. It went through my mind to fish out the sausage bits and cook up with potatoes and eggs as the pasta was overcooked and yuck.

Today I came home from work and could smell garlic from outside of the front door, seriously. The house smelled amazing inside too. I could catch coriander seeds in the air too. i was assuming Fahed made some lovely meaty, tomatoey stew for lunch for everyone. Wrong. He cooked up a tin of tomatoes with cracked dried coriander and garlic. Then he added it to the pasta and made it near perfect. It was so yummy and I was eating it I was thinking 'i'll never get to eat this again as we are not going to remember the stages or ingredients'. So glad the old fella can cook, and recycle, and must remember to get him cooking more often


  1. Very inventive! I would have given up or offered it to my dogs.

  2. Me too. I hate waste but it was awful!


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