Monday, 16 July 2012

Another week of holiday

Ssshh. How mean. But it is just over another week until Fahed comes back from our nieces wedding.

Here she is on her engagement photo (and we'll just gloss over the fact that she was getting engaged to a different bloke!)

Widyan (the marrying neice) is a wedding organiser, with a degree in something like computer programming. I wonder why we think the women of the Middle East don't go out to work. Anyway she is using all her wedding planner skills on her own wedding. Fahed says she is never with her clip board this week. Bless her.

I am taking the opportunity for the old chap not to be here to experiment with some new meals. Today Jamal & I were eating alone so I thought a nice chicken & mushroom risotto with basil would be in order. Ahdel came back as I was cooking and it smelt so good he requested I leave him a bowl of risotto for breakfast. Yaay,success. Even the fussy ones wanted it. Anyway it was delicious and so simple so I will try it out on Fahed when he gets home. Another experiment this week will be jerk chicken and rice and peas. You can tell that I have TV control this week, its all Nigella and Jamie, no space ships or stargates around this week! I am watching The Hairy Bakers as we speak.

I have bird sitters ready for our holiday so I wont be buying my little Lutino Bourke until we get back. I cant introduce a new fella when we are not there to keep an eye on relations. Something to take my mind off the inconvenience of coming back.

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