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Another week until Fahed comes home, then just a few short weeks until our annual holiday. Three and a bit weeks for most of us. Nine of us travelling. Eldest is 84 and the youngest 20. Possibly not the most obvious group of travelling companions but we all seem to fit together. It makes me laugh that, after a lifetime of not being particularly sociable, my dad enjoys to sit at table of 10 or more, mostly young, people and laugh and chat through dinner. All those years of working his finger to the bone for us (seven days most weeks) didn't make him happy but his retirement really did.

This will be our last time of having to holiday in the hyper expensive school holiday time since Fahed doesn't have that job anymore and the kids have outgrown college now. I am hoping this will give us a bit more travel freedom. It will be intersting to see if the travel club all stay together. I suspect we might. My kids have never shown any sign of going away without us for more than a weekend on the isle of Wight. They are naturally quite independent so I am not sure how this work but I kid myself that it is because we so interesting!

Anyway next year the plan was for a few weeks in Syria. At the moment I cant imagine that will happen now. Maybe we will chance a week or so in Jordan, just to see the enchanting Petra and so on. Then a few months later our usual trip to Crete. We will see. If I have learnt anything in the last three years it is that you can plan all that you like and fate will make the final decisions.


  1. I heartily agree with the planning and fate. This is really not what I had planned to be doing but here I am anyway. Good thing I like planning just to plan.

  2. Yep, planning is fun, just take it too seriously!

  3. I rarely travel... but one day I wil! I'd love to go on a cruise one day.... ahh... lol!!

  4. No cruises for me. I imagine them to be like coach trips but going on for longer!


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