Do we never learn?

My sweetheart didn't have any toys when he was a kid, not even a bike (and I thought everyone had a bike).He was sent to work from age 7. So of course when he is old enough to purchase he fills every spare inch of home with big boys toys, drills & routers, sanders and planers, even shoes and shirts. Finally at around age 40 he learns that all the possessions in the world doesn't stop you from dying. Obviously I cant go and leave my stuff behind, I must LIVE FOREVER YAHAHAHA! Then we realise that nothing fights time and we all de-clutter like mad. Well I do, and he quietly puts up with it. So far, so good, We follow the master plan, house is emptier daily. But one of our big boys toys was to buy property. I suspect also due to the insecurities of youth (hism not mine)we own land and a flat in Syria, two houses in Greece and our little house here in the UK. The credit crunch wipes off huge amounts of value, the civil war in Syria removes all of that value and the crashing fo the Eurozone wipes out the rest of it. Doh!

So today I phone him in Jordan, where he is visiting his sister for his nieces wedding.
Do you know what he says 'we have been out looking at property today, saw a brilliant house for just £250k'. Whaaat? I might just tell the bank his card has been stolen to stop him putting a deposits down on anything!!!


  1. I do the same thing. No matter how much I have I still want to buy another bargain. Of course I don't have the money and really should do something with the stuff I already have. Grass is greener syndrome I guess.

  2. I am sort of the same but don’t tell him.! I believe he was window shopping luckily as we definitely don’t have the money and I don’t want to work until I am 100.


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