Saturday List

I went into work yesterday for a full but somewhat shortish day. By the end of it I actually did feel better. So, its all behind me now.

Today is going to be my average Saturday, except that I am home alone. Fahed is away visiting family for a few weeks, Jamal is away for a few days with mates, Ahdel is working until tonight. Which I why I am sitting at the coffee table having poached egg on toast and coffee and watching 8 out of ten cats, when I should really be on my knees scrubbing the paint spots from the floor (yep, still not done).

The list

Serious vacuuming of whole house
To the aviary to buy bird seed and wood chips and then a super clean out of the birdies.
Finish my mending pile.
To attic to find blue velvet curtains from years ago - I am considering making some patchwork covers for winter (this might wait until tomorrow as doesn't seem especially wise to get into attic when no-one can hear me scream).
Finish filling and hang compilation phot frame that my sister gave me for my birthday (done when first woke up but I like to have something on my list which I know will get ticked off).
Update Crete plan book - Fahed has said he likes me to do the overview type planning on the renovations etc with him planning individual tasks, so I will do this whilst he is away. Makes sense as he gets way too bogged down in detail and can't get things through in correct order etc. I am to do a project plan.

Thats enough to keep me busy for a while. If Ahdel gives me back my camera lead today I will post pictures of my partially complete kitchen. Its easier to focus on progress when its an actual photo.


  1. Sounds good. I know that don't go into the loft in an empty house thing! I do it sometimes though! Hope you had a good productive Saturday. Always good to write a list!

  2. and you will be impressed to learn my lists are all in one place! Ha, can't think where i learnt that.


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