Saturday, 14 July 2012

My little Lutino

I am forcing myself to be a little active even though I just want to sleep so it was up with the lark (8.30, a latish lark) this morning and off to the Asia supermarket to stock upon chilies. Its another 10 days before Fahed comes home but we are obviously missing him if we are preparing this soon.

I also had my eyebrows threaded by a little Afghan lady this morning It was agony but only for a few minutes and looks really good. Plus we had a bit of a chat of Afghanistan, Syria, mixed marriages etc. More like a focus group with a bit of plucking included. My reason for going to her was that my eye sight seems to have deteriorated to the point of not being able to see well enough to do my own, despite spending £1000 on laser surgery. Eye test booked for next week.

I managed to have a bit of push around of the vacuum cleaner and stack the dishwasher before i collapsed. I could seriously now close my eyes and sleep until tomorrow. How much longer will this go on. I even shared Ahdel's Monster drink this morning in the hope that some energy drink would pep me up. Some hope.

IN ther news I am considering buying one of these little fellas.
He would be company for Lilly. Although she is starting to be more sociable with us and with Ace. Althoguh they don't share a cage they do fly out together sometimes. Apparently these little guys prefer to have other Bourke's prakeets around for company. They are adorable and gentle. SO cute and can fly like the wind. i think Ace is a bit embarrassed about his level of flying when Lilly is out.

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