Friday Night Takeaway

No, I didnt fall by the wayside quite that quickly. The 'takeaway' was a Lidl Pizza (pack of three for £2.99 - and yum)with a dollop of bolognese sauce on top.

I also made an agreement with myself to get a head start on the housework tonight. I cleaned the stairs and vacuumed the sitting room and kitchen (before Jamal cooked, probably a mistake). I am feeling pretty good and a bit ahead of myself.

Tomorrow furniture re-arranging and improving of environment!


  1. Ok, what's Lidl pizza? Is that the brand name? What makes them special?

  2. Lidl is a chap German supermarket that I think you find all over Europe. But their homebrand pizza's (along quite quite a bit of their other stuff) are really good & so cheap. So we get three stonebaked pepparoni pizza for £2.99. For a comparison a Dominoes pizza to takeaway is between £8 & £12.
    I love Lidl.


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