Gift Time

Ha ha, good things come to those who wait. Fahed won at poker last night. He goes once a month to play with his poker buddies at someones house. Not exactly high stakes games but yesterday he won. So tradition dictates that I get a gift! He suggested he buy me a steak dinner but I suspect that benefits the guys more than me. I am quite impressed with myself that I cant actually think of anything which I need.

Due to my head start with vacuuming yesterday I have almost finished the 'normal housework' so now I am on to de-cluttering (does this ever end? no never)and furniture re-arrangement, which is all together more fun than actual cleaning. I hung my washing out to dry at my parents house as their line is high up and in the sun, whereas mine takes far more washing, being the whirlygig type, but is low down and catches neither sun nor wind. I miss my tumble dryer. I know this is better for the environment and my utility bills but not so certain about my sanity. My conservatory looks like a cartoon representation of a Chinese laundry, all of the time. Too many people live here, and they are too dirty or maybe too clean, and definitely too many swimming teachers with their chloriny clothes to be washed/rinsed and dried everyday Sigh. I cant complain though that anyone has a job.

Okay, time to do stuff