Day One - Success #FQStoptober

No spend and no serious dents in food stores as we all eat up leftovers from about the place.

There was a small bowl of leftover bolognese sauce in the fridge. I added veggies and made lunch for today and tomorrow.

For dinner I had a jacket potato with a little corned beef. No veg but i think there was enough in my bolognese soup to make up for it

Fahed & Ahdel has boiled eggs - I think hard boiled and spiced up with cumin, served with toasted pitta bread.

Jamal had a lidl Pizza.

No-one asked for a second meal other than eating up leftovers from their main meal.

Tonight I am watching TV (which does use valuable electric) but am otherwise unwasteful. No heating and no lovely glorious and enjoyable bath.

I am knitting some fingerless mitten to stop my knuckles aching when the weather gets colder I am using Melissa knitting yarm from Lidl which is too old for me to remember why I actually bought it.

Onwards and upwards to day 2.