Taking control

I am there. The panic 'this is all happening to me and I can;t do anything' stage is behind me.

So this week I:
Took direct line up on the new insurance for house and for car from 1st November.
Spoke to Sky (the Tv/phone/broadband crew) and they kindly gave me a 25% of deal for the next six months.
Upgraded Fahed & the boys mobile phones to cheaper deals Also selling Fahed's old phone and Ahdel's new phone so pretty sure we will be a few hundred to the good once that goes down.
Utilities were a big fat fail. There is no better deal. I just have to stop everyone watching TV (its huge and very inefficient).
We are doing pretty good with the cooking/grocery deal though. Portion sizes are far more sensible we are a lot lighter on the protein and I take lunch every day.

We managed to send $600 to Syria for the family this month. Fingers crossed they wont need the monthly injection of cash for long.

we can do it. In fact I can do it.