Saturday, 27 October 2012


Last day of British Summer time today and the clocks go back to GMT tonight. The weather decided it's winter overnight too. Last night we went to bed and it was warm bt this morning it several degrees colder. I know it doesn't get cold cold here,the coldest I can recall is about -4 but it is cold enough for me.

And am I prepared. Of course not. It's not like we have winter at the same time each year. Sigh. I took down the curtains, and their poles, which closed the sitting room doors when we redecorated. It intended to change to doors but we cant agree on what to use, bi-fold or normal, because there is so little room there. I may have to go back to door curtains but if I do then they will have to be far bigger and heavier.

There was also talk of insulating the conservatory room to make it solid but that doesn't seem to have progressed anywhere. Might be time or some pre winter planning this afternoon.

Before that we are out and about hunting a part to ix my dishwasher.

I am also programming in some craft time. I used to be always making things but somehow lie always gets in the way now, so I am going to make more effort. I am starting with this tutorial from the lovely and clever Carla. My fabric kit has arrived from Canada (very exciting package!)so just need to borrow Mums sewing machine and I am ready for action.


Anyone who likes hand crafted things but maybe isn't so good with a needle should look at Carla's shop page. I have two zippy wallets, a mug rug (coffee mat)and am saving up for a tote bag. Carla made me a special heavy duty, patchwork and dark denim, travel wallet which has turned into my everyday bag. It means I can take just my laptop bag to work as it has space or phone, money wallet, some bits of paperwork & vouchers and even a couple of items of make up. It works because dividers are included. I hope to be commissioning a similar design or my camera at some point but it's all a bit tight at the moment so we have to wait a while.

My lovely wallet and I are off to the shops now to stock up on food.

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