Big fat fail

So my idea to pre prep loads of meals and keep them in the freezer (uncooked), use slow cooker and all that. The idea being that I then had extra time in the evenings to do housework? Big fat fail. As far as I got was to order some large zippy plastic bags from eBay. I am not very disciplined at this time of year. Maybe start again in January? Sigh!

Plus I stopped doing my Saturday list. I noticed that really made me make less use of my time. So listing is back:

Treat -Have eyebrows threaded by nice Aghan lady -cost a couple of quid but looks much better and is less dangerous than doing it myself. My husband can thread but has a very funny idea of what eyebrows should look like so that would be a false economy. Also buy a purple scarf to go with newly black dress or Christmas party.

Upcycle (is that really a word)Buy some black fabric dye. I am dying a really good suit I have which is brown, so I don't wear it. Also a white dress with a weird palm tree pattern, which should then be suitable for Christmas parties.

Sort out - Attack attic with the old fella (with his help not use him as a weapon). A good sort out and de-clutter plus I get to bring down any shoes, my cookery books, my crating stuff from my jewellery making days and a massive piece of velvet which I have plans for. Re-arrange some down stairs furniture so that it nice or Christmas.

Admin - Make sure RAC cover is on the right cars, now that we have changed them around. Also change Fahed car insurance. Check any other paperwork from last two weeks to ensure nothing remains un-done.

Housework - Vacuum, dust and tidy everywhere (small statement but lots of action). Also Finish laundry. My baby really helped yesterday by getting washing collected p and sorted, and doing first load. Plus emptying all the bins.

Cooking - nope, we are invited out tonight by the couple who borrowed our house last summer. Should be fun.

And in other news. Jamal finally got his place in the merchant navy, subject to fitness and references. So he has bagged a ully sponsered three year uni course with untaxable pocket money of £170 per week. Go Jamal. No student loans! Plus a pretty much guarenteed job at the end of it. Very happy mummy.

Ahdel got 95% in his latest coursework assignment but his other good news is that his band is going to play in front of someone from a big record label in February, and have three other gigs booked.

Fahed has bagged another days work. He is also happy as he has his new (to him) car.

I have a new boss and my work lie has improved tremendously. Whoops.

Okay, spring into action!


  1. A liking your style. And well done your boys, you must be a very proud happy mummy!

  2. Things sound like they are looking up and the hard work has paid off. Glad to hear everyone is in a happy place with their employment/schooling.


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