Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lists are back

Lists have re-asserted themselves in my life. I feel so much more focussed when I have my list. Such an enjoyable and productive weekend. And I have an extra day at home tomorrow. By the end of that my list will be sorted except for one item. We didn't quite face the attic but we did plan a shelf in the kitchen so that the cookery books have a home (when we find them). So we adapted our plans a little rather than failing (yes, I do believe that, honest :)).

My baby is now wondering whether he can use the next 10 months until his sponsorship start travelling with his mate. His mate has a few problems and Jamal think it will do him good to broaden his horizons before he gets left at home for 8-% o the year whilst Jamal is away. I am listing all my overseas friends and relatives to find a bargain basement basis or their travel. Might come to nothing but its fun to plan. His older brother, who watches too many films, already banned him from hitching and hostels. Bless.

My lovely little laptop, Rupert, has died. He is making a clunking noise. That cant be good. I am not sure when I last backed him either. Oh dear. I will check with Dell tomorrow but...... So I might just get a desktop. Its easier for actual work. Then would it be a bit too indulgent to also consider an ipad? They are just lovely pretty, bright and shiny. Oh dear. Well in the meanwhile I am using old fella's laptop (hence the missing letters from time to time), my iPhone and hopefully breaking my habit of googling everything I don't know whenever I realise I don't know something.


  1. I agree, it was a great weekend. Hooray for productive weekends! My next list will be for presents. I always wait too long.

  2. They really do!

    I have done all presents except Fahed and kids. Faheds birthday is next Sunday and we tend to mark official beginning of Christmas from there.


  3. Another list girl here too - life's always simpler when I use them!
    How did you go with the 'little man' at Dell?
    Take care

  4. Hi Cathy
    Poor Rupert will cost as much to fix by Dell as I paid for him. I am thinking o getting a proper PC or actual 'work' and saving my pennies for a tablet. Or maybe that is too indulgent. I can decide!


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