Sunday, 18 November 2012

Some steps closer to crafting

Today I borrowed my mum's sewing machine ( I know at fifty I am old enough to have my own but I still love the Bernina she had since I was 10. I completed finished all of the mending in my basket except for a button on Fahed's favourite trousers. I still need a button.

I also found a big basket of fabric pieces big and small. A basket with some knitting needles, embroidery thread, some embroidery fabric. All sorts of toys really. It made me remember a lot of things that I know (or maybe knew) how to do but might have forgotten. During the week I plan to start work on the lovely wallet kit which I bought form Carla.

Lastly I bought a pair of long knitting needs on eBay,to start knitting my wrap. I also need to find a pattern for cable stitch. I used to be able to do it so I am going to be able to do it again. Yep, I am. Hopefully!


  1. If I can help at all with support for the re-learning knitting stitches, just send me a message xx

  2. Oh yes. almost certainly. thank you. i can remember the bog standard knit & pearl but I haven't knitted anything more complicated than rib at the end of scarf for about twenty years.


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