Housework during the week and an unexpected economy for Christmas

I read on someone blog this week a plan of housework to be completed during the week instead of in a big lump at the weekend (if you saw it or it was yours then send me a link and I will connect up). At the time I thought no, not for me. I have enough to do during the week. Now I have had more of a think about it though maybe bite sized chunks is better than a weekend blitz. I am thinking of going there.

I normally come in from work and start cooking. But if pre prepared a load of food like chicken pieces, veggies and potatoes in chicken stock, and then got my slow cooker on during the day. I could come in and have that 45 minutes to clean the bathroom, vacuum floors, wipe the doors and drawer fronts and stuff. It might not suit me but I am going to give it a go.

I have one less Christmas present to worry about. My son split with his girlfriend of three years. I think they were not well suited although she was a very nice, kind girl, so I guess this is for the best. Again we will see. He is a little distracted but otherwise doesn't seem to be suffering so that's a pretty sure sign that it was time.

So there we are. Some changes you plan and some surprise you.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    The housework after work could be a way to keep warm - won't need the heating so high lol
    Take care

  2. I am much too mean to have any heating on!


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