Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day morning

Jamal and I are the only ones up and we are watching an action movie. In a house full of guys you get funny traditions but they suit us.

We had a lovely Christmas Day with plenty of yummy food, good company, walks, some presents. We found we had no games to play after lunch (we used to play whatever was in kids stockings but they are older now). So today we will be more prepared. We have wii Olympics and a trivial pursuit thing too. Today we all meet up for a walk at eleven, then a pint at the pub and back to my sister for Boxing Day lunch.
Sigh. I love Christmas.

Just downloaded blogger for iPhone and this is my first attempt to post so if the set up is even more random than normal then apologies :)


  1. Impressive flaming pudding! I've never had it but I see it every year on A Christmas Carol. I tried wii baseball today. I must say that wii bowling is my favorite so far. My nephew keeps beating me though.

  2. We like the ritual but really a little bit of pudding goes a long way!
    You are going to be so it. I beat the kids at shooting but they beat me at everything else.


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