Complete Frugalfest

We had the last three days full of family, fun and a bit too much food. Today is a day of sloth. At the moment that means one of the kids made us bacon sarnies for brunch, after the other one went to the shop for bread and bacon. We are watching a batman movie. This is leaving plenty of my brain cells to read a ton of frugal blogs. Its a total frugalfest and thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational.

I love the gap in between Christmas and New Year, its always a time when I can contemplate the promise of a new year, a new beginning and all that jazz. As exciting or me as blank sheet of paper. My plans are also for a room by room deep clean and de-clutter. That might not sound so much fun but during the year my time is limited. I work outside of the home, I cook (properly - processed food is not for us), I clean (and do laundry) but I do so hurriedly not leisurely, as I would prefer. So now I have some extra days off work to catch up on a year of loving neglect.

So far my frugalfest has brought me ideas of meal planning & ,more importantly for us, portion control. No spend days - I am thinking that all week days should be no spend. If I don't sort out my lunches for work than a couple of days of staying hungry should help me remember.