Nearly Christmas

I do love Christmas. As my son said yesterday 'it's all about having time to hang with the family'. Bless him. We plan to do quite a bit of 'hanging with the family', also some visits to friends, spend some time getting work done on the house (we are off until 7th January, once we break up on 24th).

But anyway, today is still pre-Christmas and full of activity. The men (husband and kids) finished work on the kitchen yesterday. There are a few bits to do over Christmas like tiling around the sink & finishing a door and window frame but really it is done. That means all of the tools and wood can go out to the shed. That's first on my list. I am boxing it all up and my son is doing the carrying out. My other son is on a cleaning and tidying mission of his own, at the other end of the room. Or he will be once he has finished his bacon roll and coffee (made for us all by 'lifting & carrying' son.)

Actually it is not quite first on my list. I started by wiping around the kitchen and putting away, stacking the dishwasher, setting the first lot of laundry going, feeding the birds and popping to the shop for the crusty rolls, as I somehow overlooked any bread except pitta when I was picking up food yesterday.


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