Frugalfest Day 2 - what I have learnt today

Loads of things:-

My dishwasher is an attention seeking primadonna. It always breaks down when I need it most.It has three inches of ucky water in the bottom and I am washing the contents by hand. GRRRRRRrrr

Zones are the answer - that is dividing up your house into areas, normally six but my house is tiny and my family are messy so I am going with 4. Give every zone some lick and promise each week and then deep clean them when their turn comes around.

Leftover cheese can make an amazing and yummy dish, better than its constituent parts.

Grandpa Frost is way more cute than Santa

Also the idea of monthly money meetings with the 'other half'.

I might even starting dating my husband (of twenty five years) again.

Lastly I made an effort to look at the Reward Scheme that has just launched at my work. We get % off various retailers by using reloadable cards. I applied or one or our grocery store, for our local DIY store and for my clothes shop.

I almost like being ill and dolloping around on the sofa with TV & husbands laptop when I find such good things.