Getting ready for 2013

Things I am going to do:

Review my budget on a monthly basis husband in the process ( I will promise him popcorn to get him interested). I always tell him that he should know more about what is going on, I mean what if I drop down dead? I get told off or saying that.

Monitor my bank balances on-line daily & report back on balances and variations to the budget ( I have to - if someone else is not looking then I just can't be trusted).

I am going to do the zone thing to stay on top of my household chores. I am zoning up the garden for the same reason.

Healthier eating with portion control - and of course meal planning, and involving the whole family ( I noticed that it stops them moaning).

Debt clearance and savings - as much as we can bearing in mind we are still covering the family and we lost the value of the property :(

This is what I wanted to happen in 2012:

Work on myself a bit more –
Do something with my hair & general appearance. Some improvement but could do better.
Revamp wardrobe Some improvement but could do better.
Lose 4 stone Big fat fail.

Travel & property plans (I know these things don’t go together for everyone but they do for me)
Plan & take a trip for my 50th birthday which is fun but doesn’t break the bank. We did this but locallt. It was great.
Save around £4000 work on Crete house and grounds. Did it.
Sell the property in Syria – we have a buyer but she can’t go to get the land valued at the moment because of the troubles. Couldn't do this because of the war. Also a lot of additional spending because of the war.

Finance & investment
Clear all non mortgage debt (hopefully using money from Syria)Mope, see above.
Save a small emergency fund. Nope, but we did manage to send $500 or $600 to amily in Syeria each month, so I am okay with this.
Continue to overpay mortgage and get term down to 15 years remaining, Um, no, see various Syria related issues.


  1. We can only do what we can do. Life gets in the way for a reason, it's just we don't get to know what the reason is. xx

  2. Yep. I have come to conclude that I can just do my best within the 'rules'. I will get on top of things but maybe not right now.

  3. Good plan Lizzie! Aiming to do much the same.

    Are you still able to get through by phone to family in Syria? Has there been any improvements?

  4. We have managed to speak every couple of weeks and so far all well, as in as much as they are all still alive and kicking, but it does sound pretty awful. They have locked themselves in doors with just quick visits out when the hear of any available food. I am amazed to say they are still smiling though. We can hear the shelling in the background when we phone but the ground forces frighten them most as you really don't know who is who.

  5. It is amazing to me how one year I am trying to fight my own boredom and stay on budget and the next year I am supporting relatives. It certainly puts things in perspective! That is so great that you have the resources to help your relatives in their time of need.


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