Saturday, 5 January 2013

I hate exercise

Or actually I guess that I don't like going to the gym because I am overweight. Also I suffer from backache, also because I am overweight.But I need to move about more. I have a few ideas I am going to try this year.

Lunch time walks around the park with my 'fat friend'. My chubby mate Paul is big enough that I can hide behind him and not be seen. He visits our office two or three times each week and we have agreed to a quick walk around the park next door to work on visit days. Surely I should be able to keep up with him??

Wii - we have used it a couple of times last Christmas and then forgot it and packed it away. I am asking one of the kids to set it up in the sitting room permanently for us. And then beat us with a stick i we don't use it.

Exercise bike - I own it but the only useful thing it has ever done s help my dad recover from his new knee op. I have to get my lazy arse onto it or it to help me.

Dancing - I love dancing. I have three times signed up for Salsa lessons. first time I hurt my foot (same time not because of dance) and couldn't do it for a year after my operation.. Second and third times they stopped running the classes after I signed up. Maybe i can be fourth time lucky.

My family and I all used to go swimming on a Sunday night. Now my husband teaches just before this at the same pool, then my son teaches during this actual time at the same pool. This kind of puts them both off. Maybe I can persuade someone else to come too. I like the swimming but also the diving to the bottom competitions etc., not so much fun alone.

I need a real plan not just vague ideas. I might make it a weekly both that I report back on what I have done.          I need to be made accountable!

At least two walks p 30 to 40 minutes
I wii session
3 bike rides
Investigate local dancing options
Try to talk family into Sunday night swims again


  1. I have an exercise bike too. It is buried at my old place. I am planning to bring it to the house but I told myself I had to organize the living room first so there would be a place to put it. Now I just have to find a place to put all those boxes of christmas decorations...

  2. Could the decorations go back out to your old place? My decorations are going into the attic today if I can get someone to scrabble up there. That's another advantage to having boys about the place, they do the physical stuff for you!


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