Frugal Sunday Start

Speedy shower - saved water/electricity and avoided death from exposure.
Used the last the last half blob of toothpaste from the tube.
Hair wash also emptied the last o the conditioner, which had been propped upside down for a few days.

Dressed in t shirt and leggings, chenille socks, furry slipper boots (so un-cool but so warm and comfy). Topped  of by a fleece which I bought when the kids were tiny (they are now in their twenties). So all nice & warm and snuggly.

Brekkie was a glass of coffee (my husband always have coffee in a glass and I have started to as well, feels very luxurious and indulgent - I am wondering how long beore i can dump all of the mugs and no-one will complain). Two slices of 'best of both' bread (Lidl), 'buttered' with the last scrapings of 'this doesn't taste anything like Butter' using a mini rubber ended utensil spatula thingy which I got from Lakeland back in the day. I am back on the lurpak after this foray into the world of spread, nasty. Sandwiched in between the slices was a couple of table spoons of, microwaved to reheat, eggy spud which Ahdel didn't finish yesterday.

I have never insisted on finishing meals as forcing people, especially kdis, to overeat messes with their own internal hunger guide and is no less wasteful than throwing the food away. But I am Queen of the leftovers & not much food stuff goes in our bin or compost, in fact pretty much nothing except citrus peel and bones, the odd spud which goes black and soft before I get to it.

So I am warm and fed and entertained, and no waste.