How we avoid food waste

I can be a bit indulgent, especially with food, but never wasteful. My food non-wastefulness also pre dates my general frugal inclinations. It was put in place by my parents and I still often see my dad eating a couple of tablespoons of chicken casserole or cottage pie with his toast in the morning.

This maybe useful (maybe not!) but these are some things that we do:

Chicken bones and wings tip go in a bag in the freezer for chicken stock.
Lamb bones do the same.
Leftover veggies are always boiled p in chicken stock and blitzed for a healthy soup.
Sliced bread and pitta are both kept in the freezer. We defrost individual  slices/pittas or use, so our bread doesn't get a chance to go stale.
Leftover portions of dinner are frozen in little microwaveable lunch boxes - good or work but also or home alone meal times. My lunches boxes are square and usefully stackable.
Unless we are going through a cereal phase we keep the bulk of milk stock frozen. We defrost just enough for our actual needs.
Leftover veggie soup incorporated into lasagne sauce
If cheese looks dried up and nasty then we shred it before use. If it is already a bit mouldy then I just slice the sides off before grating.
Leftover rice and pasta adding to soup after blitzing
Keep fresh ginger in the freezer and grate from the frozen root as needed
Buying grated cheese ready bagged is fine and can be cheaper but not for us because it really doesn't last as long.
A good fruit crumble can be made up from the fruit bowl leftovers  - i have never had a combo which didnt work.
Cream, and other creamy dairy products, near the end of its life can be frozen. Use it later to add a taste of luxury to your soups or stews, although not so good in its raw form once it has been frozen.
I add leftover wine to my red wine vinegar bottle. Seems to work!
Left over sweet biscuits/cookies, in the blender and then topping a crumble.
Leftover  crackers, again in the blender and use in place of breadcrumbs as a coating or topping

The only things i haven't found a serious use for are fruit peels. Banana peel is apparently good as a nutrient for roses but i don't have enough rose bushes to worry. I did try crystallising citrus peel but it is only relaly useful i yo have maybe three oranges a year, not some every week. There is such a thing as too much crystallized anything!

Leftover sweeties and chocolates get taken to work where they disappear in a few days.