Review of my Intentions

Because of not feeling so good I didn't do any of my healthy living things. I need to get back to the doctor on Monday, I just cant breath enough, which means I just cant be bothered.

However I was pretty good with my other stuff. I didn't meal plan but we were very frugal and our smaller portions are feeling like enough, which is good for our bodies and our wallets. Everything was cooked from scratch, as usual, so all good stuff. Fahed has had a gout attack from drinking too much cola over Christmas, so has gone back to being a confirmed water drinker. I am happy with this. He is also off his beloved salad and fruit salads for a while as tomatoes and citrus also add to his gout problems. I am still drinking coffee but maximum 2 per day. I may stick with this.

My darling baby came shopping with me this morning despite his (minor) operation. He limped around the shop with a huge plastic shoe over  his bandages and still insisted on doing all of the packing and carrying. We did a big shop this week. Some stewing beef and lamb as the weather is supposed to drop by 15 degrees and we get snow. We will need some warming comfort food.

As part of being more organised I downloaded free printable calendar pages from here. This is to record all everyone extra lessons and other appointments. I tried programming phones but it didn't really work. Now I am putting my trust in white A4.

After another trip to the doctors & my subsequent health improvement (oh, please) then I will look at some o my other good intentions.

Something that is really odd this year. The house, which was lived in by one family or about sixty years prior to us buying the place, has always needed more work, more work, more work. So doors, and door frames, have been moved, baths and bathroom relocated. So many changes but now we are about done. There are a few little things but the big things are done. At least until we decide to start the front porch. It is strangely liberating.