Project Happy

I am inspired by Carla's list of things to be thankful for & Frugal Trenches 52 weeks of happiness to consider my own things to be grateful for & happy about this week.

1) My husband has gout. Not something to be grateful for obviously but he suddenly agrees with me that he shouldn't drink so much cola. I hope I can keep him on water once he breaks the horrid sticky cola cycle.

2) Jamal passed his medical

3) I remember that my eldest son had deposited £100 somewhere or something he and his mates were doing. We just found how to get it back. He is very happy.

4) Freezer, fridge and larder are full of food.

5) Criminal Minds boxed set. We have been watching it solidly or what feels like weeks, and we are still only part way through Series 4. Perfect.

6) Back to work tomorrow. I am not that struck on the idea but I have to keep in mind that I have a job, and it is well paid & reasonably secure/. Plus all the people there are lovely.