Sunday Night Chit Chat

Sunday Night Chit Chat with Carla

What are you...
  • Reading - Jamie's 15 minute meals. Brilliant  healthy recipes and an enjoy read. Did I get this or Christmas? Non such luck. I bought it from Amazon & pinched a bit of Fahed's birthday gift card (sssshhh, he doesn't need to know).
  • Watching - Criminal Minds - Boxed set. Very enjoyable & a little bit o brain stimulation.
  • Listening to - BBC Radio 4 - I know I am getting old now that crrent aairs and quirky comedy is appealing.
  • Baking/Cooking - Pulled Pork with habernero sauce - my first attempt and it was good. Home made bread was a big at ail though. I will need to practice.
  • Happy you accomplished this week - Major sort out of my two problem areas, larder and study. They both look good now but more importantly they work more efficiently.
  • Looking forward to next week - Weekend. It is bad but it is true, first week back at work is always way too hectic.
  • What is the minimum # you feel comfortable with sitting in your bank account/piggy bank? I would be glad to see anything in it at the moment. I am aiming for £1500
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  1. 15 minute meals sound wonderful.... the only ones that happen here like that are reheating leftovers! haha!! You'll get better at bread... just takes a bit of time & practice is all! Keep at it! :)

  2. Mine too. But this is for the 'new me@ that I re-invent annually (and sometimes monthly)

    1. Thats funny Lizzie - I find at this time of the year a new version of Catherine often becomes available in our household lol

  3. Hello Lizzie
    This series of Jamie's is on tv down here at the moment - some of his recipes are often quite good and simple to make as well. Now if it was someone else presenting them I might take more notice ( he's not one of my favourite people)
    Take care

  4. Oh no, poor Jamie. I know what you mean though, a bit marmite!


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