Reaching the weekend

Seems like a relief that is the weekend. I still have my cough, cold, chest infection etc. and its tiring me out and wearing me down. I am tired and ratty. And my ear hurts since my lovely son gave me a new earring for Christmas 

However first week back at work after my lovely Christmas break was great. I sometimes forget that I love my job and my new boss is good too.

Nothing very exciting in the House of Lizzie this week except that my oldest son has another job. He is now working full time in the mold shop at the boat yard where he used to work. He is also still teaching swimming part time, doing his voluntary work on a Sunday, oh and his almost full time programming course. Plus he is in a band so there is band practice on Friday night and a band meeting on one other night. No chance of him getting bored. Plus his sleep problems have miraculously evaporated.

My youngest son doesn't start his job&/uni until September. His father is already in mourning for his baby leaving home but what can you do. Baby is staying at home and helping the old chap to finish renovations. I don't pay him, except to pay for his jujitsu lessons and the odd bit of pocket money but he seems to be happy without cash in his hand. He is going to do some charity work through the summer as well, mostly to encourage a friend of his, who has some problems, to do the same.

The old fella has a new boss and this news is so far so good for us but I will reserve judgement for the time being. However he had given Fahed all of the school swimming or the next two terms. Bless his little cotton socks.

Maybe a few weekend plans later but for now porridge and QI is calling.