How to get the best UK mobile phone plan for you

I am getting ahead of myself with my 20 ways to save in 20 days  thingybobit.  June isn't here but I am keen and I am in there!

First thing I did was try out the website to find the most suitable mobile phone contract for me.. It is apparently some kind of geeky website written by the mathematician of Oxford (university or town, I don't know) which looks at three months of usage and tells you what would have best suited you, both provider and contract. Mine says I over pay by a lot and should move to Tesco. I am stuck until October but will take the advice as soon as I can. This website is suitable for anyone with a UK contract but not PAYG as I guess they cant get at your usage history.

I plan to run each of the cellphone plans through as their times comes up for renewal. Might save a few £££££££££££'s


  1. I just used this service for my daughter - she wanted to upgrade her phone but we still managed to save her about £300 just by knowing her current usage etc.

    Hope you're well Lizzie :)

  2. Wow, that is pretty amazing.
    Yes, all good here :)


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