Another week swooshes by

at a million miles per hour. This week we are in week three of having no landline. We also had two power cuts this week. Oh, and I cant get mobile phone coverage on my house so we are effectively cut of from contact. So no power and no phone.. Do we live in the outback, maybe the wilds of Mongolia. Nope, we live near Winchester, the ancient capital of Britain where there has been a city for over 1000 years, and still we have no bloody electricity. So i think I missed out on any blogs beginning with a letter early in the alphabet. But now I have found Cathy again too. I don't know who else is missing though as Google reader has gone :( Fahed is still away visiting family so I am planning an active weekend.. Not one of fun though! He hates the smell of paint and it makes him rather ill so I am going to get all of my odd and ends of painting finished (hopefully). Also some garden work, especially the front (looks awful). Checking out the bike shop, some grocery shopping. All fun, fun, fun (well, sort of) I seem to be having a happy attack! And what is also weird is that this posting has paragraophs in Blogger but they disappear when I post, whic makes it look very much like I am writing in a terrific hurry, which I am not!