Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ask the universe?

Well since we decided to cut back a bit more and relly make an effort with our mortgage the universe seems to have decided to give us a helping hand.

Today I phoned Sky and called movies and HD, skytalk anytime and Anonymous caller eject (which doesnt work anyway). They kindly also gave me 12 months free broadband band, half price line rental and a deal on the TV. Monthly charge was £80+, now £35. Wow.

Amended my mobile contract to reduce it by £6 a month (not much but its a start)

Came home to find second water bill since we moved to a water meter. Monthly charge reduced from £45 to £30 and I have a refund of £100 on its way.

My sons car insurance reduced from £81 per month to £47.

Letter from bank saying they accidentally over charged me £34 backed in 2007 and were refunding it with interest (Seriously!!)

I also submitted gas and electricity readings and think we can reduce that from an over enthusiastic £145 down to about £110,  We are switching off everything not in use and minimising usage on everything else. In an extreme example of this we are not replacing the tumble dryer for the foreseeable future. Now there are only three of us I seem to be able to just about stay on top of the washing and drying.. Dishwasher and washing machine are already very efficient, fortunately. drinks fridge has been switched off until next summer.

Mum has found the demi johns I lent her and is giving them back to me tomorrow for the new wine making experience, too late to make my Christmas plonk I guess.

Thank you universe. Anything else good coming our way?


  1. The universe certainly likes you. Can you send some of that good luck my way? Maybe the universe was just balancing things out with my $1,000 extra property tax bill.

  2. yay! go universe. i thought for a moment demi johns were like long johns only shorter. great results all round. am in need of some income. am a bit stuck!! universe???

  3. Daizy, it was weird, like taking an interest in my cash suddenly made results. Not sure you can be as specific as asking for property tax help but why not??

    Moyra, Ah, like snow white and the seven little johns? So good. Sadly i just broke one of them by filling it with hot water and then hitting the side of the sink. Muppet I am. I want some income but fun income, is that being too picky when I ask the universe?


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