Monday, 16 September 2013

Winter Prep

It seems to have gone from summer to autumn almost overnight, in fact one day last week the average temperature dropped by ten degrees centigrade in 24 hours. Nippy!

So with winter snapping at our heals I notice everyone is talking about winter prep. So I guess that means I need to think about it.

One more cut of the lawn should be enough.
Garden furniture in out of the way
Set some homemade wine a fermenting (hey, fun wasn't banned, just because it is winter)
Get a door for the bottom of the stairs, so any heat stays down here
Find the pile of snuggly blankets to keep us warm in  the sitting room
Find the candles for the same reason
Dig out the slow cooker.
Find the winter quilt for our bed.
I might treat my son to a winter quilt as well as his room seems to be almost icy in winter

That's enough to get us started.


  1. Mine is a combination slow cooker, rice cooker, porridge cooker and something else cooker. It is lush and does really make perfect rice. Idiot proof ( which it needs to be with me) :)

  2. You don't use your slow cooker in the Summer? I never thought of it as only a Winter appliance.


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