No spend/ Low Spend September - Day 2

Day One
Yesterday we spent nothing! Yaay.

No breakfast.

Cheese and onion jacket potatoes (2)
Fahed had a tin of soap with a plate of chips on the side. I don't normally make chips unless it is someones birthday but I was distracting him from the lack of meat! It worked.

Lunch was late so we didn't have dinner as well. During the evening Fahed ate some tomatoes from my dad's garden and a cucumber


This thread on how to feed your family on £7 a week. It seems to vary on whether it is per person or per family, isn;t very healthy and is really for desperate, desperate times. I felt very well off and comfortable after reading it but will definitely continue to pad food with lentils and porridge oats. Useful stuff for desperate times. I love MSE, always full of good stuff and less angry and irritating people than most forums.

Day 2
Day off work so i have done nothing useful yet except a little tidying. Breakfast for me is toast. Bread gives me a headache but I don't  have work until tomorrow so a headache wont kill me off.
I plan to buy porridge oats for this weeks breakfasts at work but no other shopping.

Just about to hang out the white washing which is economical to do but also my only option as the tumble dryer is broken :)

Jamals first day away but I am not going to message him until tonight. I can do it! Photo of his room is really nice, much bigger than the one at home, and he says everyone is friendly.