Low Spend/No Spend September Day 3

Day Three

Porridge from the larder ( i have enough for maybe three more days)

Tinned Soup for me
Tinned Soup and Jacket Potatoes for Fahed
Ahdels girlfriend took him out for lunch!

Grilled turkey breast, cheese and onion jacket spud for rme
Fahed has another tin of soup, mostly veggies, with two gluten free pitta.
Ahdel was still full from lunchtime.


I have set the Jamie programme to record from episode two (missed 1). He doesnt offend me. I am sad to know that there are people who can't cook and cope with benefits. I remember when we had only benefits, Fahed was made redundant, his employer went bust when I was pregnant. It was a surprise pregnancy and meant I lost my agency job. That's how it goes sometimes. We could cope. We had enough for basic food, we had next to nothing but we could manage because we learnt how to.manage. I don't know how we get out of this mess but I would think budgeting and cooking on the school syllabus would make a start. We didn't get in this mess quickly and we wont get out quickly but I am more hopeful than I have been that we will get out. I notice the local college is running evening classes for Frugal Cooking. Good stuff except you have to part with a fortune to attend the classes. Is that ironic?