No spend? Low Spend September Day 2 (and a half)

I know I already posted about day 2 but i thought an update would keep me on track.

Fahed and Ahdel ate only once today (we often do this and then just have an apple or cucumber later). I made chips again. I know it is bad but its not often and distracts them from the fact that they are living on air. :)  They also had a couple of sausages each and random veg form the fridge. i had a few chips too along with some random turkey product which Jamal bought before he left and didn't get around to eating.

I believe I can last until the weekend before I buy anything except Petrol and a birthday card.

I have packed a bag for work tomorrow. A tin of soup for lunch.. I found some porridge oats, I think enough to last the week. I have half filled a beaker with oats and added water, so I can have microwave porridge at my desk in the morning. We have milk and coffee at work, plus tea & chocolate.

All fine, no shopping.