Saturday to-do, mortgage free wannabe and no spend September

No/Low Spend September

I did my weekly shop last night on my way home from work. £51. I know I said we were cutting down so you would expect it to be less than this for three adults for a week but I have a good excuse, honest. I arrived at the 'condemned food counter' just as the guy was filling it up with actual reduced meat bargains. I have chicken thigh, lamb, pork and stewing beef enough for two weeks, maybe even three weeks. I have to top of the cupboard with tinned butter beans and chickpeas today. I need a bag of lemons, some Greek yogurt, some cheese. I intend this to take me into October.

Mortgage Free Wannabe

So I have :

  • Instigated a new regime of 'everything off' with the electrical items.
  • Downgraded my phone package from 2/10
  • Downgraded Sky Talk
  • Checked though my DD's and standing orders to ensure there were no surprises

Now I am working on a couple of spend to save things.

  • I am going to buy the old fella a phone and change him to pay as you go. His phone is for his business and is tax deductible but all calls come from people wanting lessons and so he hardly ever actually phones anyone.
  • Our TV is hugely power hungry. Its lovely and the picture is great but I am thinking to replace it with an LED version. With most items I prefer to go second hand but to realise any economies with electrical useage then I think new is best.
  • More long term I am looking at new boiler/woodburner combination but I suspect this could be long term as current boiler is working fine. I
To Do
Little bit of shopping (see above)
Finish laundry and hang to dry
Go to a barbecue and take pudding
Post extra clothes to my son. Boots and long Johns (colder up North than he is used to !)
Whizz around with the vacuum cleaner.
Sort out the freezer which is part of the fridge.

Happy Days


  1. I've never thought about how much energy my tv uses. It is pretty old and I do want a flat screen but I don't think I really need it. I think I use my netbook more than my tv since I watch netflix streaming more on my netbook.

  2. Mine gets quite a lot of use with the kids but i have checked up to see how much it actually uses and it isnt as bad as i thought so i think i will hang fire until it died of old age first.
    If it was just me then it would be the laptop more.
    I am beginning to think the culprit might be my electric shower. We shall see.

  3. have you tried one of those owly things that monitor your electric use. you can borrow them from the library here in brighton. culprits here were kettle, oven and rings, and hair straighteners. anything that heats up is the big user of electricity. also remember to unplug / switch off anything that is on stand by as it uses just as much electricity like that. and unplug mobile phone chargers, even when there is no phone in them. scanners and printers use quite a lot too, if on standby. xxx good luck. our method at the moment is not going to the supermarket. and trying to eat the food we already have in the house and freezer!!!


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