Winemaking appeals to my inner smallholder

I love the idea of making my own wine. I have done it on and off over the years with mixed success but when it was good, it was good. I imagine my inability to follow instructions caused so much variety in results.

So obviously it is time for another bash as it!

What put me off before is how much fruit gets used. My family tend to appreciate any fruit being made into crumbles and cakes. Making wine with it seems a little wasteful. So in the past I tried a mixture of fresh fruit and of grape concentrate from wine kits. Again pretty pricey.

This morning I discovered the homebrew forum.. Well, talk about making wine out of anything! So I am going to buy a few tetrapaks of Grape and other juices and have a go.

I have to say we drink very little wine but red wine is supposed to be a good antioxidant so a glass with dinner might be nice from time to time. I am also prepared for Christmas visitors if I can fill the wine racks up a bit!

Some new game to play for me! And, sort of, in the name of frugality!