Okay, its England and its October so hardly needs mentioning. But it does mean slothing about on the sofa this afternoon with a clear conscience. Its not gardening weather, its not bike riding weather, although no doubt it will be once I get used to cycling again but not appealing today. In fact I hope I get used to cycling in the rain or my bike isn't going to see much action. Oh, and its definitely not car cleaning weather, but I wasnt really thinking about doing that anyway.

However I do have a pile of books and cuttings which are calling to me.

to the shops to pick up all the things I forgot when I did the shopping yesterday. Should still just about scrape in under budget.
A bundle of laundry which i will set to dry in the conservatory as I am without tumble dryer.
Dishwasher is already doing its thing.
Bins all need emptying but I will do that on the way to the car.
Sorting and putting away clean clothes.
Cooking some lunch.
Oh, and re advertise some stuff on ebay as it is free listing but they are all re-lists so I cant say there is effort involved
Also making an apple crumble for tea, but that is probably tomorrow as we always have a nice old fashioned pudding on cold, wintery Sunday evenings.

Pretty low effort day i think you will agree.
Anyone have more exciting plans??? Okay, I know, everyone does.