I have the lurgy. Cough, cold, sore throat and all that. I was feeling slightly sorry for myself but you only have to read the news to know how much worse off everyone else is so I am trying hard not to be a big baby!

I have stayed home today though as coughing all night. I plan to try to get my laundry finished & then spend most of the day under a nice furry blanket on the sofa. Maybe by late afternoon I can face my food shopping.

In my fridge, and at risk of being wasted, this week were two containers of cream which I bought reduced for quick sale TWO WEEKS AGO. Whoops. However the half container smelled fine so I used it to make a cut price spaghetti carbonara, along with three slices of sad looking bacon. The other tub went into the freezer. Its no good as pouring cream after freezing but okay to add to a soup or sauce.

Yesterday, whilst I was already feeling poorly so I feel that excuses me for the lack of veggies, my best attempt at cooking was to slowly roast and lamb shoulder on top of new potatoes. They did eat salad with it but I could have tried harder. Today will be leftovers of this with roast veggies, some cabbage and gravy.

My biggest failing for the week is likely to be that if i feel better tomorrow I will go through all of the jars and bottles in there. Even though I feel as though i do it regularly there is always something which has sneaked up on me.



  1. Hope you feel better soon Lizzie!

  2. Ugh, feel better soon. I threw out a container of cream today. It was green and fuzzy.

  3. Euh! I feel ill again now. Green and furry is past my area of expertise!


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