Todays (sort of) savings

I had a meeting today at Tower 42 in London. Short meeting followed by a short tour of the top of the tower and then lunch.

Cost of travel £75
Cost of a visit to The Shard (next skyscraper along) £35
Cost of lunch in the Vertigo restaurant £50

So in my mind I had the whole skyscraper (and isnt London so, so beautiful) experience for nothing and saved myself £160

Tower 42 in the middle of The Shard (I think) and The Gherkin.
View captured by my I phone and truly not doing the city any justice.


  1. I don't know anything about London's skyline. I think we in the US are only allowed to see Big Ben and the castle in pictures. I flew in to Heathrow once and I only remember Big Ben. It must be some sort of conspiracy.

  2. Its beautiful. come over again! I took my brother in law, who comes from Bethlehem, to St Pauls Cathedral once and the beauty was so overwhleming that he couldnt speak. I thought it cant be easy to impress someone who comes from the same actual town as Jesus!


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