December is here

So now I can start being Christmassy with a clear conscience. I hate that Christmas starts in about mid August now in the UK, so always hold out for 01/12. This year I failed though as, and I am blaming my cough and cold for the mental confusion, I though yesterday was 1st and so I bought gifts for a few family members. The check out lady put me straight and had a little laugh at me.

So this morning I am the only one up and awake. I am having a bit of a clean and scrub in the downstairs rooms so that they look nice when I get the decorations out. I like a lot of red glass and china. some lights and a few bits, a tree of course. I don't have any tinsel or too much like that as it seems to look not quite right in our old house. Having said that I am not fussy and nothing is properly co-ordinated, we add a new bauble or something each year but otherwise we are happy with our old clutter.  My work Christmas tree is sufficiently tinselled up to make up for it!

So anyway, today is not for decorating, just for cleaning and getting rid of a few more things before we fill it up again.

This afternoon we have someone else calling to see if he can fix the boiler before Christmas (last man gave us mid January in his estimate - I guess there must be a lot of boiler problems this year as gas engineers are normally 'same day' guys). We are okay as the shower is electric, the dishwasher and washing machine heat their own water, we have a gas fire but I do miss my nice hot baths.

In other news: I plan to watch some Nigella Christmas kitchen on TV,and what I like about Nigella is that she is a little piglet like me but she does it so glamorously,  look through my cook books and make food plans, maybe buy some Christmas presents online. As I mentioned before we have a ten pounds limit on the gifts but for the kids i like to spend a little more. Not too much but a few things to open.