Brains and electric bills

The old fella and I took a 'which side of your brain do you use' test on the web yesterday. Possibly (probably) not entirely accurate but I was 69% right brain, all creative and chaotic and happy with change and the old fella was 97% left brain, all logic and structure. Surprisingly accurate. I have this theory that if they told you this sort of thing when you first apply to get married it might be helpful. Instead you take 25 years to understand why you cant understand why the other is so weird. However I have been married to him for 25 years in January so I have no further excuse for not understanding him. In other news my friend in Crete has mailed me to say I have a 350 electric bill and it needs paying this month or they will cut me off. Oh, happy days.


  1. $350 electricity bill? Is that for a few months? Hope you feel better soon!

  2. It is for six months but the electricity is cut off when we leave. This is how the government collects the extra property taxes. We are lucky we live in a little village, if you are in Athens then maybe 10 or 20 times this much. But really I dont mind to pay. Here in England I pay that for two months.


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