Next time I say I haven't done anything towards forwarding our lives and I need something to do, slap me. So we had plans: Fahed car finally has a new engine in it and we get it back from the garage. We tax and we insure. I then drive the car which is normally considered to be his. It is diesel so fuel usage is better and it copes with long journeys well. h The VW golf which is normally considered to be my car is with the mechanic because there is a problem with its computer. We have a car, a nice little Fiesta, from the mechanic to use until it is fixed. Ahdel drives this and then we can sell his big heavy, but low mileage, Volvo as it uses too much fuel. So after three weeks of 'the new way' Fahed realises how much it will cost to run his car since it now runs on petrol not LPG Eeek. The lvoe affair is over. New plans: We smarten up and sell Frankie the Frontera. He has a new engine but gets through petrol at a rate that £140 a litre cannot forgive. Fahed then will have the diesel Astra. I have my Golf back (if it is ever fixed) We continue to sell Harvey the Volvo if we can. The money from Harvey & Frankie pays for a little Fiesta for Ahdel. He can once again afford to occasionally leave the house. At the moment they have gigs somewhere with the band and it breaks the bank to get there. Did i say I wanted a challenge? Oh dear.


  1. That is a challenge! I can't comprehend the price of fuel. I am so spoiled.

  2. I can't comprehend it either! I would think it was a joke if it was't that a tank of fuel can now cost more than a old car. Happy days!


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