Lizzie finally decides to get organised

Ha, sure we have heard that before but here is the thing: I can cook, the family like my food, I waste very little and I stick to a budget. Buttttttt, and there is a big but (yeah, we all know it is mine) I dont always balance the meal sufficiently. We got through phases we eat a ton of veggies, little carbs, lean meat, lots of fruit. We feel amazing. Then somehow we lose the plot and the carbs arrive thick and fast and we feel all sluggish, tend to get colds and all that yucky stuff. So instead I am going to try this.

'To improve the balance of meals I provide for my family I am going to make a menu plan each week from November 2013. I will ensure that there are plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, local produce and generally good stuff.  My plan will avoid bread, bulgar wheat and pasta for my husband (gluten intolerance), avoidance of any more than a small amount of carbs for me (affects my insulin levels and gives me a headache and a half), avoid cooked cheese for my lactose intolerant son. When my other son is home from University he loves his food but is happiest with the healthy stuff (thank goodness).. Ha ha, should be easy, I have started with a tick board in the kitchen where everyone can tick to say which days they are home for dinner. Then the planning begins!'