Heating the house on 8p a day

Well I rather think the effectiveness if this has been over played.

Two different sized terracotta pots balances over 4 tea lights. I understand the whole convection heating theory but sadly this feels no warmer than tea lights alone.

That massive burn on my moo cow tray in unconnected, I am pleased to say.

We quite like having the t lights on the table during the evening anyhow. For our warmth though the most effective thing seems to be our fluffy blankets and warming cups of de-caff. Very nice and snugly indeed
 Fahed wrapped up in furry blankies. Just had five hours in a swimming pool to warm up from


  1. How disappointing. I have come to expect disappointment from those *fantastic idea* posts. Most are too good to be true. There is a blog called pinstrosity.blogspot.com that shows food and craft disasters. It is quite amusing and the best part is, I don't have to waste time and money trying something that doesn't work.

  2. I'll check it. I am glad i tried though, so i know i didn't really miss a trick


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